Dear Residents

With the inclining number of cases of COVID-19, Thrive in Lubbock is taking necessary precautions to minimize human interaction and support social distancing as recommended by the CDC.


We are requiring all residents to pay their balances via the portal or mailing your check or money order payment to the office to limit any personal contact. If you don’t have access to your portal, please feel free to reach out to the office and we will help get your account set up. All late fees will be assessed as normal.


We are asking all residents limit package ordering to only items that are absolutely necessary to help keep direct contact to a minimum.

Amenity Space

All our amenity spaces will be closed until further notice to help support social distancing and to keep our residents and staff as safe as possible, this includes the coffee bar and all common areas.

Resident Events

All resident events will be cancelled/postponed until further notice. Although this greatly saddens us, it is the best course of action for all our residents and employees.

Preventative Tactics

• How to protect yourself: CDC Link

• What to do if you are sick: CDC Link

• If you learn that you have contracted coronavirus or have been directly exposed, please contact the leasing office so we can take necessary precautions if the entrance to your home is needed

• Please know that we remain committed to protecting tenant privacy as per landlord/tenant privacy regulations and HIPAA

• If you have further questions and concerns regarding regulations please also visit the health updates from your school here.

We know some of these precautionary measures may cause some inconvenience, we greatly appreciate everyone’s support and understanding during this time. If you have any questions about any of the above issues, please feel free to reach out to our office at: 806-740-8300 or email us at


Thrive in Lubbock Staff